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AMBERS HALFWAY HOME has been selected for fourteen film festivals (to date!), won eight awards (including best short documentary, best sound track, Audience Choice, and Best of Fest) and nominated for an Emmy award!

Our Story

For too many dogs in the pounds of western Tennessee life is cruel and short. They are held in concrete kennels behind rusted fences, down forgotten roads. Their only hope beyond the rare owner who turns up to claim them is rescue. Without it, they will linger in harsh conditions or be destroyed by a needle or gun.

In 2020, Amber Reynolds and Halfway Home Animal Rescue stepped into that gap and saved 2000 dogs in just ten months. She saved dogs from these forgotten pounds, from overwhelmed shelters, and often from the roadside or the apathetic arms of owners who no longer can or will care for their animals.

Nestled in between Nashville and Memphis, Greenfield is picturesque, filled with rolling fields, tobacco barns, and columned farmhouses. But it’s also an area with a raging population of unwanted animals, a region where dogs are often treated as property: bred, hoarded, or ditched like trash.

In this film, our crew follows Amber for one day when she saves 19 dogs. During our journey, we visit the frontlines of animal rescue in western Tennessee. We ask vets, animal control officers, professors, and volunteers about regional attitudes and examine how to make a change. But most importantly, we introduce Amber and her small band of Southern warriors, warriors who dedicate their lives to saving dogs.

What Amber does is nothing short of heroic, too often she is the only person standing between a good dog and certain death. We believe Amber and the other rescue heroes fighting to save lives should not be in this fight alone. We also believe they shouldn’t have to fight it in the first place. This is a fixable problem.

This film will raise awareness about homeless dogs and the heroes who fight for them. In rural Tennessee and other parts of the south, there are no ‘animal shelters,’ at least not shelters like the kind you and I imagine. Most of the animals live outside in what is essentially a ‘dog pound.’ In some places they are still called pounds. The dogs are impounded until their owner retrieves them or they are disposed of in one way or another to make room for more dogs. They rarely receive veterinary care or basic preventative care. They live exposed to the elements on concrete floors.

This film is a vehicle for raising awareness in the hopes of bringing much needed change because we are convinced that once people see the reality of what is happening, they will act. They will ask questions and get involved in finding the answers. There is no reason that dogs should suffer and die the way they do in too many parts of this beautiful country.

We are certain that the problem does not exist because people don’t care, but because they don’t know.

Thanks to the generous support of our backers on our Kickstarter project, we have been able to complete the film. It’s because of their belief in this story and our ability to tell it, that this film is possible.

While the film showcases some hard truths, it is also beautiful, inspiring, and heart-warming. We realize that shocking people with what isn’t being done is not nearly as powerful as showing them the amazing rescue work that is being done. What Amber does gives us all hope. It will touch hearts and light fires.

Amber’s Halfway Home

is a production of Farnival Films

in association with

Who Will Let the Dogs Out

Farnival Films is a full-service production company specializing in documentary film work. From the initial planning stages, to the video shoots, and on to the final render, we provide professional expertise every step of the way. Learn more here.

The mission of Who Will Let the Dogs Out is to raise awareness and resources for homeless dogs and the people who fight for them. We travel to shelters, rescues, and dog pounds all over the southern US to learn more and share stories. Learn more here.



Amber’s Halfway Home has been selected for the following festivals:

Full Bloom Festival

Loudoun Arts Film Fest


Berkley Springs Film Festival

Reading Film Fest

Indigo Moon Film Festival (virtual this year)

Rails to Reels Film Festival (Mississippi)

Franklin International Film Festival (Nashville area)

River’s Edge International Film Festival (Kentucky)

Utopia Film Festival (D.C. area)

Animalis Fabula Film Fest

Central Florida Film Fest

We are so excited to share this film with the world.

Our team would be happy to screen the film for interested organizations and advocates. Members of our team will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate a discussion following the film. There is no cost for the screening beyond reimbursing team members for travel expenses. Use the form below or contact farnivalfilms@gmail.com.

Host a Screening

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Support Halfway Home Rescue

Halfway Home Animal Rescue was founded in January 2020 by Amber Reynolds.  Amber has  been in animal rescue since she was a little girl by helping her grandmother’s rescue organization.  Without her knowledge, grit, and passion, none of this would be possible.

Because of your huge, caring hearts and generous donations, you’re the reason we can continue helping animals in need. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated!!

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